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Kessler E-Mobility Systems

Lift Truck and reach stackers

Whether it is the case of sustainable increase in efficiency or freedom from local emissions or noise limits: The reasons for the electrification of heavy trucks and reach stackers can be different and so can be the demands on the drive system. Numerous configurations, field of applications and general conditions demand drive systems that are always innovative and one step ahead in the market. The variety of reasons and requirements for the electrification of heavy lift trucks and reach stackers call for innovative drive systems that are always a step further to ensure superior efficiency, zero emissions and better adaptability.

We offer our customers electric drive systems for all ranges of forklifts: starting from 6 t payload through empty container handlers (ECH) to full container reach stackers. Our offering includes low-voltage systems with 80-120 VDC or high-voltage systems with 600-800 VDC that depends upon the vehicle class and power class. Whether it is an axle drive or a wheel drive or an innovative integrated two-speed manual transmission: We offer an optimized electric drive system specifically developed for your vehicle.

Max. PayloadDrive systemWheel connectionNominal powerDrive torque at the wheelBattery voltage
9 tWheel drive R041275 mm2x 15 kWUp to 2x 10 kNm80 VDC
16 tAxle D81335 mm110 kWUp to 50 kNm600-800 VDC
Axle D81 with 2-speed gears335 mm 110 kWUp to 80 kNm600-800 VDC
Wheel drive R071335 mm2x 55 kWUp to 2x 20 kNm

600-800 VDC

Optional 120 VDC

ECHAxle D81425 mm150 kW Up to 80 kNm600-800 VDC
25 tAxle D91 with 2-speed gearsClamping rim150 kW Up to 120 kNm600-800 VDC
33 tAxle D91Clamping rim180 kWUp to 135 kNm600-800 VDC
CRS/45 tAxle D102Clamping rim210 kWUp to 180 kNm600-800 VDC
Axle D102 with 2-speed gearsClamping rim210 kWUp to 200 kNm600-800 VDC
Wheel drive R102

Clamping rim

Optional 485 mm 
Double flange

2x 105 kW Up to 2x 90 kNm600-800 VDC

Kessler E-Mobility-Systems

Underground mining

The electrification of underground mining applications is one of the most important innovation drivers for electric drive systems. With the application-optimized E-Mobility systems from Kessler + Co, you benefit from the advantages of a highly efficient drive train combined with increased dynamics and reduced service requirements.

Our electric drive systems are based on state-of-the-art 600-800VDC high-voltage technology and are individually tailored to the needs of our customers. Whether it is battery-electric, cable-electric or diesel-electric: You take advantage from our efficient and efficiency-optimized drives.


For example, you maximize the productivity of your loader through a drive system with increased dynamics in conjunction with high tractive forces or improve the yield of your dump truck through increased drive power and higher travel speeds even on steep inclines.

Underground Loader (LHD)


Max. Payload

Gearbox for central driveMax. Driving speedNominal powerDrive torque at the wheelBattery voltage
5 t


single speed gearbox

15 km/hUp To 100 kWUp To 100 kNm600-800 VDC
8 t


single speed gearbox

15 km/hUp To 170 kWUp To  50 kNm600-800 VDC
11 t


single  speed gearbox

15 km/hUp To 240 kWUp To 200 kNm600-800 VDC


two speed gearbox

25 km/hUp To 240 kWUp To 200 kNm600-800 VDC
15 t


two speed gearbox

25 km/hUp To 280 kWUp To 280 kNm600-800 VDC
21 t


two speed gearbox 

25 km/hUp To 320 kWUp To 360 kNm600-800 VDC

Underground dump truck


Max. Payload 

Nominal power

Drive torque at the wheel

Option 1: E-central drive

Option 2: E-axis drive

Option 3: E-wheel drive

Up to 20 tUp To 170 kWUp To 150 kNmW410D71R71
20 tUp To 230 kWUp To 200 kNmLS2000D81R81
30 tUp To 300 kWUp To 250 kNmLS2000D91R91
40 tUp To 400 kWUp To 300 kNmLS3000D102R102
50 tUp To 550 kWUp To 400 kNm D016R106
65 tUp To 750 kWUp To 500 kNm D111R111

Kessler E-Mobility-Systems

More applications

The E-Mobility systems from Kessler + Co are as unique as your application. Our large modular e-system containing e-motors, inverters and drive controls – and of course axles, gearboxes and wheel drives – makes it possible to develop system solutions specifically tailored to your requirements. And, of course, using the appropriate traction drive software. In practice, the versatility of our electric drive systems is demonstrated in numerous successfully implemented e-mobility projects - e.g. in the fields of airport, container transport, fire-fighting vehicles, agriculture, steelworks and many more.

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