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Commitment to education

With high quality standards, Kessler + Co is committed to pre-school, school, vocational and academic education. For 50 years, Kessler + Co, with an apprenticeship rate of over 10% has been successfully training committed and intented young individuals in technical and commercial field.


Kessler + Co has been working closely with schools in the local area for many years. For interested students in high school, Kessler + Co offers one-week company exploration BOGY, for students in junior high school, it offers the career orientation BORS and for students in primary school it offers orientation in occupational fields OiB.


Kessler + Co is partner with 19 kindergartens. A practical project used for awakening the children's interest in technology. Apart from this, excursions to company provide children an insight into the working world and allows them to have first hand experience of production processes.


Dr. Albert Grimminger-Foundation

From Tuesday to Sunday, the explorhino Science Center invite visitors to explore and learn about exciting phenomena from the fields of science, mathematics and technology having over 120 experiments on 1,200 square meters of exhibition space.


In the explorhino, the focus is on independent exploration of phenomena, experiential learning, touching and grasping. As a private visitor you are invited and visit the exhibition, only groups and school students should pre-register.



On December 3, 2020, the nationwide SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network awarded companies in the "Das hat Potenzial!" competition for their outstanding commitment to the school-work interface and their dedication. The company Kessler & Co. GmbH & Co. KG was honored with the 1st place in the category "SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT-Starter".


SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT awards the prize, which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, for the ninth time. The "SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT-Starter" category honors companies that are committed to young people's career prospects.


Kessler & Co. was recognized for its exemplary commitment to dual training and for the numerous career guidance programs it offers. The company trains over 100 apprentices as mechanics and mechatronics engineers. Among them are students from St. Jakobus High School in Abtsgmünd. As a part of the AbiPlus program, interested young students between the 8th and 11th grades acquire a certificate of proficiency as a mechanic (IHK) while still at school. The aim of this project is to strengthen practical and craft skills within the framework of an academic course of education. This is a pilot project for high school students that is unique in the country.  


In addition, Kessler + Co has been involved in career guidance for years, among other things with educational partnerships and cooperation with kindergartens and schools. Both children and young people are regularly invited to the training workshop, where they carry out tasks and exciting projects with Kessler & Co. trainers - always with the aim of generating enthusiasm for technical professions.


"A lot of heart and soul once again emerges from the applications for this year's award ceremony. With their exciting projects and commitment, the award-winning companies are helping young individuals to discover their talents and develop a motivation to take up an apprenticeship." - Thomas Bareiß, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy explained, at the award ceremony.


A jury made up of representatives from business, schools and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy determined the winners in advance. Hubert Fuchs, head of training at Kessler & Co., is delighted with the award: "We will continue our efforts to give students in the region an insight into technical professions at the highest level and get them excited about technology. To this end, we continue to maintain close contacts with our educational partners from kindergarten to high school."

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