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Kessler gearboxes and Transmissions FOR heavy Duty applications

For the heavy duty machines market, Kessler offers modern powershift transmissions according to CVT, 2- or 3-speeds technology for electric or conventional systems. We are also the world's leading manufacturer of transfer cases and specialty gearboxes. Here we benefit from the high effictiveness of our extremely efficient production.

Transfer Cases

Kessler designs and manufactures transfer cases for total power up to 600 kW.

With the U1200, U1700 and U3000, Kessler offers three sizes of upbox offset gearboxes for direct mounting on combustion engines.

CVT- &
Powershift transmissions

Kessler offers state-of-the-art powershift and CVT transmissions for highest efficiency in electric as well as conventional drivetrains.

Kessler + Co

Kessler Special transmissions

Kessler has many years of experience in the design and development of speciality transmissions. The large number of projects executed includes such transmissions as summation gearboxes having total output of 1000 KW and transmissions with interfaces for hydrostatic or electric drives.

Our upboxes and dropboxes are used in the mining industry. As a pioneer in transmission solutions, we integrate many years of experience with continuous research and development, thereby setting high standards in mining industry.

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