material Handling equipment

material Handling equipment

Kessler axles and Transmissions for Material handling equipment

Kessler manufactures high-quality axles, power-split and power-shift transmissions required in such application as handling of scrap, port and timber/logger. Our specialized drive systems, developed for machines having operating weights from 23 t - 80 t, help optimize the efficiency and provide superior load capacity for such handling equipment as required in different environments and applications. 




Operating weight 

scrap or port handling

Operating Weight in

Log Handling

TiresWheel Mounting BCD (bolt circle diameter)
LT41PL7528 t 23 t20" Dual Tires275/335 mm
LT71PL47835 t30 t20" Dual Tires335 mm
LT81PL48845 t35 t24" Dual Tires425 mm
LT91PL48855 t45 t24" Dual Tires425 mm
LT101VPL341/528 80 t60 t25" Dual Tires500 mm

hydrostatic transmissions


ModelExecutionOperating weightRatio i1Ratio i2 HydromotorInput-Output Drop
VG610two speed gearboxUp To 44 t5,85 / 4,71,517Up To 160 ccm190 mm
LS610powershiftUp To 44 t5,85 / 4,71,212 Up To 160 ccm190 mm
W1650single-stageUp To 75 t1,91 / 2,7--Up To 2 x 160 ccm207 / 187 mm
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