Sustainability at Kessler + Co

Kessler + Co pursue the United Nations Substainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in its sustainability strategy, which are intended to enable sustainable development worldwide by 2030. We have defined the goals that are most relevant to us and that we actively contribute.

In addition, Kessler + Co is regularly audited according to the following environmental and energy regulations:

  • DIN EN ISO 50001:2018
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

climate goals

Vital research and small supply chains

Energy efficiency is addressed as part of a continuous improvement process of ISO 50001. One example is the installation of a solar panel roof system, which can generate up to half of the required electrical energy itself.


Alternative drive concepts are an important step towards achieving the Paris climate targets. As a manufacturer of drivetrain components for heavy mobile vehicles, we offer products in the field of e-mobility and we are researching innovative solutions to expand our range of products in this field. 


As a company, we focus on efficient and resource-efficient manufacturing. The ISO 14001-certified environmental management system is constantly working to improve resource utilization and is implementing measures in internal pilot projects. 


At Kessler + Co, both suppliers and recycling companies are preferably commissioned regionally in order to achieve small supply chains. The company applies the principle of circular economy to extend the life cycle of products. High users of energy sources are precisely documented and attempts are made to make them more efficient.