CVT, Powersplit And Powershift transmissions

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Kessler CVT, powersplit and powershift transmissions

Kessler is a leading manufacturer of innovative CVT, powersplit and power-shift transmissions in such application as electric, hydraulic and conventional drives that are tailored to the peak operating conditions. Our wide range of transmission solutions reflects our commitment to outstanding performance and wider adaptability to different drive systems.


The LS610, which has proven itself over many years, is a 2-speed powershift transmission for the hydromotor drives. The maximum transmittable power is up to 130 kW with maximum hydraulic motor sizes of up to 160 cc. These are used in various applications and vehicle types, including compact class truck cranes, material handlers, and harvesters.


Our LS2000 powershift transmission was developed specifically for an electric drives. The transmission offers two driving ranges with a step change of 2.5 and allows input speeds up to 6000 rpm. The powershift clutches are designed to synchronize electric motors with high inertia. 


The gearbox can be designed with a control system according to the customer's needs and the application requirements. The shifting functions are executed on request of the vehicle control via CAN bus.


The LV3000 CVT transmission is a mechanical-hydrostatic power split transmission. The continuously variable transmission ratio in four driving ranges and the transmission control adapted to the respective application enable the engine speed to always be kept in the optimum range in terms of power and consumption. This significantly reduces fuel consumption.


Our transmission control enables the shifting function between the travel ranges without interrupting the tractive effort, making the LV3000 suitable for applications in which highly dynamic reversing is required and ideal for travel and reversing applications.


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