Planetary Drive steer axles

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Kessler Planetary drive steer axles and steering axles

Kessler designs and manufactures planetary drive steer axles and steering axles with load capacities from 8t to 80t.


The design of the axles is characterized by high reliability based on many years of design experience as well as consistent lightweight construction. Our flexible modular system allows individual solutions while using serial components from a highly efficient production.


Kessler planetary steer drive axles are available with different drive, differential and brake options.

ModelDyn. Axle LoadBrakesWheel Mounting BCD (bolt circle diameter)Application
LT41Up To 12 tTB275/335 mmMaterial Handlers, Tractors, Agricultural
LT51Up To 12 tTB, SB335 mmMobile crane, Aircraft Tow Tractor
LT71Up To 14 t*/21 t**TB, SB, DSB, NLB335 mmMobile crane, Material Handlers, Aircraft Tow Tractor, Tractors
LT81Up To 17 t*/24 t**TB, SB, DSB, NLB335/425 mmMobile crane, Material Handlers, Aircraft Tow Tractor
LT91Up To 60 tTB, SB, NLB425/500 mmMobile crane, Material Handlers, Aircraft Tow Tractor, Harbour crane
LT101Up To 80 tSB, NLB 500/705 mmMobile crane, Material Handlers, Aircraft Tow Tractor


* = High-speed differential carrier, ** = Low-speed differential carrier,
TB = Drum brake, SB = Disc brake,
DSB = Air disc brake, NLB = Wet multi-disc brake

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